Vy lives with her little sister and her parents in the south of Vietnam, near Cambodia's border.

The charges which were not covered by the medical insurance were too important for her parents. Thanks to the CMI, she has been able to have the 2 vital surgeries to cure her disease.

On this days, Vy came back to her native village to live and play like every other little girl.




      Operated on April, 5th 2014

           Help from insurance: 1.108$

                   Help from CMI: 1.533$

Total cost of the operations: 2.641$












Mai has been abandoned by her mother when she found out about her heart disease, scared about the situation and the debts that it represented... Her father, thanks to the medical insurance and to the CMI, managed to gather the money needed for his only daughter's surgery.

She has recovered very well from the operation, and makes the happiness of all her family.




  Operated on December, 12th 2013

Help from the medical insurance: 2.433$

                    Help from the CMI: 2.709$

         Total cost of the operation: 5.124$











Nghi is the only daughter of a young couple, who lives in the family house with 7 others

cousins, uncles and aunts. Their incomes were too poor and Nghi's disease couldn't be taken in charge by her family.

The Heart Institute judged the little girl's situation grave, so she was operated 1 month later.

After the surgery, Nghi has been regaining all her strengths.




            Operated on April, 9th 2014

Help from the medical insurance: 1.814$

                    Help from the CMI: 1.665$

        Total cost of the operation: 3.479$